Four Benefits Of Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

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Four Benefits Of Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

3 April 2018
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In most jurisdictions, a car owner is required to have at least a third party motor insurance policy. However, this is only the minimum and only covers others, leaving you exposed. If your car suffers some kind of damage or is stolen and this is the only coverage you have, you won't be left with many options.

Comprehensive coverage provides a much better level of coverage and ensures that you're covered in many different events. It's easy to assume that the money spent on comprehensive coverage will be better spent elsewhere. However, there are many situations when having comprehensive coverage can be a huge relief.

Weather Damage

Damage from natural acts, such as weather, has become quite common. The same tree you park next to so that your car stays cool can be the very thing that damages it during a storm. With comprehensive insurance coverage, damage due to weather conditions such as hail and tornadoes will be properly covered, ensuring that your financial burden is limited.

Theft and Vandalism

Theft and vandalism are not rare. The new stereo system that lets the neighborhood know you're passing by can attract all manner of unsavory individuals. And if your car is stolen, you may not be able to replace it on your own. However, even if the thieves just take off with items from inside your car, you can still incur high costs having to replace the stolen items and having to repair the damage caused by the thieves when they broke into the vehicle.

Luckily, if you have comprehensive coverage, you can get the money you need to buy a new car or fix any damage caused by the thieves.

Civil Unrest

There is no telling when something on the news will send people on a rampage. Even peaceful protests can degenerate into something else. If your car gets caught in the middle of this, it can easily become a target. Comprehensive insurance coverage protects you if your car is damaged during a riot.

Hitting Animals

With many roads passing through areas frequented by animals, it's always possible for a deer or some other animal to jump on the road in front of you. Hitting an animal can cause a serious amount of damage to your car. Sometimes, an animal may even damage your car when it's parked. Comprehensive auto insurance takes care of damage sustained by your car from such incidents.

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