Safety Technology For Cars That Help Teens Stay Safer While Driving

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Investing in auto insurance for your newly licensed teen driver can be expensive. The high costs of teen auto insurance is partly due to their limited driving history and their inexperience on the road — this makes teens a high risk for insurance companies. Luckily, there are a few things that can be done to save some money on auto insurance for your teen. Combining insurance policies for all vehicles in your household, enrolling your teen in accredited driving courses, and making sure that good grades are achieved in school are just a few options. On this website you’ll find a variety of ideas on how to save money on auto insurance and what kinds of services to look for in a policy for your teen.


Safety Technology For Cars That Help Teens Stay Safer While Driving

30 March 2016
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Getting car insurance quotes for your teenage child can be a shocking experience for some parents. Teen drivers are considered high-risk drivers, simply because of their age, and this will be reflected in the price you pay for insurance coverage. Not only will the insurance cost more, but many parents also worry about the safety of their teenager while he or she drives. If you have concerns about your child's safety and the cost of insurance coverage, you may want to consider giving your child a car that is equipped with safety technology. Here are some of the options you might be able to find that could help you save money and keep your teen safer.


There are a few insurance companies that offer something called telematics. A telematics device is a type of technology that can be used in almost any vehicle. The purpose of this device is to monitor a person's driving habits, and it is something you can easily install yourself by inserting the device into a car's onboard diagnostic port. These ports can be found in most newer cars.

Once the device is installed, it will record things such as location, acceleration habits, and speed. It may also record how fast you brake the car and other factors of driving habits. The information is typically sent directly to your insurance company, and they will evaluate it.

With this device, your teen could earn discounts on your auto insurance policy if the teen proves he or she drives carefully and cautiously. In addition, you may have more peace of mind knowing that your child's driving habits are being monitored.

GPS System

If your insurance company doesn't offer telematics technology, you could always install a GPS system in the car your teen will be driving. While this device will not monitor all of his or her driving habits, it will allow you to know where your teen is at all times. Once the system is set up, you will be able to remotely monitor the location of the car at all times. If your teen knows the car has a GPS tracking system, he or she may be more prone to following the rules you have set forth.

There are numerous types of GPS tracking systems you can purchase, and some of the options offer additional features. For example, you might be able to purchase a system that tells you each time the car is turned on or off. Other systems might even notify you if there are problems with the car, such as a low battery.

If you install one of these in your teen's car, your teen may drive more carefully, which may make you feel better. In addition, your auto insurance company might offer a discount to you just for installing this type of system in the teen's car.

Other Technology

In some new cars, auto manufacturers are adding safety technology that is ideal for teen drivers. For example, some cars now have a feature that shuts the radio off when the driver's seatbelt is not connected. Teens love listening to the radio, so this feature may provide enough of an incentive to make sure they put their seatbelts on each time they get into their cars.

Another feature some cars now have is the ability to block phone calls when a car is in motion. With this feature, your teen would not be able to text or call when he or she is driving.

Safety technology in cars offers two key benefits. The first is it helps your teen drive more safely, and the second is that it may offer discounts on your insurance. To learn more about auto insurance for your teen driver, contact an insurance company today.