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Investing in Auto Insurance for Your Teen

Investing in auto insurance for your newly licensed teen driver can be expensive. The high costs of teen auto insurance is partly due to their limited driving history and their inexperience on the road — this makes teens a high risk for insurance companies. Luckily, there are a few things that can be done to save some money on auto insurance for your teen. Combining insurance policies for all vehicles in your household, enrolling your teen in accredited driving courses, and making sure that good grades are achieved in school are just a few options. On this website you’ll find a variety of ideas on how to save money on auto insurance and what kinds of services to look for in a policy for your teen.


3 Ways A Broker Can Help You Meet Your Insurance Needs

24 October 2017
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There isn't a single state in the country in which you can operate a vehicle without some level of auto insurance coverage. So, auto insurance is a topic that most people have at least some degree of familiarity with. However, one area where this knowledge might waiver is with insurance brokers. As somewhat of the go-between between large insurance companies and consumers like yourself, partnering with a broker can open the door to a variety of advantages. Read More …

Auto Insurance 101: 3 Ways Usage-Based Insurance Could Benefit You

18 May 2017
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Auto insurance is a necessary expense. Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for affordable insurance rates. However, new technologies are making it easier than ever to save. One newer type of auto insurance that could save you money is usage-based insurance. With this type of insurance, a device is installed in your vehicle, and it is used to track to your driving. Your driving data is then sent to the insurance company. Once your insurance provider has the data needed, your rate is calculated. Read More …